"Capernaum" Israel Original Watercolor Painting

She Pens Truth

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This vibrant original watercolor takes ancient columns in the city of Capernaum, near the Sea of Galilee, in Israel. Jesus spent much time in Capernaum where his disciples Peter, Andrew, James and John all lived. I imagine him walking past these stone pillars on his way in and out of town. 

The brilliant blue sky contrasts with the earthy color palette of the Roman columns. It will bring a dose of sunshine and radiance wherever you place this 5x7" painting. I love the intricate details at the top of the columns and the fact that they are worn, just like all of us in life, worn but radiant nonetheless. 

My prayer is that when you see it in your home, it would remind that Jesus is a very real person who walked a very real town on the other side of the world. It was here he healed Peter's mother-in-law. It was in this town where a paralytic was lowered down before him in a house to be healed. Jesus came to humanity and made his dwelling among us. Oh what these columns witnessed. If only they could speak!

Add this a stunning architectural piece to your spring and Easter decor this year. 

An original watercolor by Maggie Greenway. 5x7" painting on cold-press watercolor paper. It will arrive to you carefully wrapped in a cellophane protective bag with a cardboard backing.