Bible Study, The Book of Philippians: a She Pens Truth Bible Study, Ebook & Paperback

She Pens Truth

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Does Reading the Bible on your own leave you feeling confused? Do you long to dig below the surface to understand more? Then this Philippians Bible Study is for you! Reflection and meditation exercises weave together with digging into the meaning of each chapter. In four weeks, I will guide you step-by-step through:


  • The backstory of both Paul and the people of Philippi
  • Digging deeper questions
  • Daily journaling prompts
  • Weekly meditation on Scripture to grow your intimacy with the Lord
  • Weekly reflections over each chapter


You will finish this book with more confidence in studying the Bible and a sweeter calm from spending time in the Presence of God. Join us as we soak together in the Bible's book of joy.

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