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Hi! I am Maggie, the founder of She Pens Truth. Are you curious about the backstory here and what makes us tick? I will break in into three parts for you: what is She Pens Truth, my own beliefs, and my faith story.

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What is She Pens Truth?

Bottom line: we are both a ministry and a creative company. We began in 2017 as an art biz with reclaimed wood signs and since have become a place for women to find authentic devotionals, Bible Studies and community. Nothing gets me fired up like the meeting of authentic (read "messy" here!) life and God's powerful, heart-healing Presence! Here at She Pens Truth, we dig real conversations about the good the bad and the ugly in life with the faith that God is with us through it all! You will find Biblical devotionals on the blog as well as over on our Instagram. We provide free tools (that are super pretty!) in hopes to guide us closer to Jesus. What’s next for us?! We have a couple books in process this year as well as more watercolors to turn into cards and prints! We are toying with doing a live online Bible Study together as well!



My Beliefs:

I grew up in faith, my parents being Jesus people from the 1970s.

We jumped between charismatic and Presbyterian churches, quite a jump when you get into the nitty gritty of theology.

I long to include women here across denominations, holding to the Truth of the Bible, the love of the Father, the grace that comes through Jesus, and the power of the Holy Spirit living in us. I don’t think God has a preferred style. His Presence can be felt in the quiet hymns of a country church and the pumped-up, jumping-up-and-down anthems in stadiums.

What does he want? Our hearts. He wants our trust and our honest brokenness. He wants to bring us abundant life, even in the middle of life’s grief and struggle.

My bottom line theology: Life is hard, but our loving God is with us. (Thanks to Jesus’s death and resurrection!)

If you have more specific questions for me, please email me at maggie@shepenstruth.com. I would love to talk more with you!



My Story:

Heartache entered my world as my dad’s world began to crumble. Job losses and changes moved our family across the country every few years. When my dad was just 41 (and I was 14), he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Slowly over three decades, he lost the use of his legs, his energy and his ability to think and converse well. From birth I was his precious little girl. Watching my hero dad, my Division 1 college football star, lose his ability to ski and run and then walk broke my heart. As a believer, I knew to pray and pray and pray some more for his healing. I also poured out my heart to the Lord with all the pain I felt.

Eventually I became angry with God for not answering my heart’s cry. In college, I felt Him challenge me that He could handle my rage. Alone on my dorm floor one Thanksgiving break, I let him have it, shouting and crying. Eventually, I fell into a deep sleep, like a toddler falling into his father’s arms after a tantrum. My dad still wasn’t any better, but God showed me He can handle my whole heart and is here to hold me and guide me and walk with me. Now, my dad is healed and whole, in heaven with the Lord. He passed away the last April. My heart grieves for him and I still struggle with wrapping my head around God not choosing to heal him in this life. And yet, He is my safe place, my refuge, my joy, my comfort and the Father who holds me close.

Parenthood has brought such joys as well as struggles in our home (anyone else relate?!). I intentionally do not share my three children’s stories here. Their lives are their own and I want to respect that. Just know that much of my faith walk the last 15 years has been refined in the fire of motherhood. Who ever knew I was such an impatient and angry person?! There have been more why questions of God. There have also been amazing breakthroughs, like my husband Chris’s spiritual walk beginning to soar through these very struggles. More than ever, God has our hearts and is in the process of making them whole. We long to walk with others in the fire and make a space where God can heal wounded hearts.


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