"Hills Outside of Jerusalem" Israel Original Watercolor Painting

She Pens Truth

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It's here! The "Hills Outside of Jerusalem" Israel Original Watercolor Painting transports us to the view Jesus would have seen as journeyed between Galilee and Jerusalem for all of the Jewish feasts each year. 

The light and earthy color palette will bring a peaceful ambiance wherever you place this 5x7" painting. The image of Jesus's feet kicking up dust in this valley, his new sandles giving him blisters, and his legs weary from days of travel through these rolling hills, brings to mind the wonder of his humanity. He took on being like us, understanding what it is to be truly human. He walked here with family, with friends, with his disciples. He probably laughed along these roads and sat around campfires and talked into the night with fellow travelers. 

My prayer is that when you see this mountain painting in your home, it would remind that Jesus also journeyed through the hills and valleys of life, and he is forever with you in both your mountaintop seasons and in your dark valleys.  With him, you can find comfort and fullness of life even in the toughest of season. 

Add this stunning landscape to your spring and Easter decor this year and be inspired each time it catches your attention. 

A signed original by Maggie Greenway. 5x7" painting on cold-press watercolor paper. It will arrive to you carefully wrapped in a cellophane protective bag with a cardboard backing.