Known Book & Art Bundle

She Pens Truth

The Known Book & Art Bundle includes: 

  • One copy of Aubrey Sampson's Known: How Believing Who God Says You Are Changes Everything. (Including a reflection and discussion guide as well)
  • One waterproof, dishwasher safe sticker with a quote from the book: "God's fingerprints rest upon every single person."
  • One set of six 4x4" quote and scripture cards, straight from the book. 
  • Optional: add a 5x7" art print with a quote from the book: "You are & always have been entirely and deeply known."

As a community we will be reading through this book beginning on September 23rd, 2021. Sign up HERE to get all the details of our Fall Book Group: 

More About Known

Who am I? Does God see me? Does God love me? What is my purpose?

So much is tied up in our longing to know who we are: our worth, whether we’re loved, what we’re meant to do with our lives. But there’s a powerful truth that settles every question: God has named us, and the names he has spoken over us settle every question and pain we have experienced in our search for identity.

Names help us know that we belong and to whom we belong. Names carry authority and power. But we also carry other names―painful, damaging names that we have spoken over ourselves or that others have branded on us. Too often, in times of low self-worth, grief, or failure, we exchange our God-given identity for those false names.

When we believe God’s names for us, we will discover a life lived with purpose and passion. Are you ready to accept God’s invitation to silence the inner voice that keeps you from living freely, joyfully, and confidently?

A lot is at stake in understanding the sacred truth of who you are. The names you believe about yourself impact how you live, how you love, and how you move and bear witness to the gospel.

Hear this: God has true names that he speaks over you and wants you to hear above the false banter.

Known invites you to understand and embrace what it means to be created and named in the image of God. In the process, it will ignite a passion to speak life-giving names over others, to bless them through the power of the Name that is above every other.

With vulnerability and humor, Aubrey Sampson shows you what it means to be powerfully and personally made and named in the image of God. Everything changes when you believe this incredible truth: You are known by God.