Lent Activity Card Set

She Pens Truth

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These seven cards combine the peaceful beauty of my Israel landscape watercolors with meaningful readings, conversation starters, prayers, and activities for each of the six Sundays of lent as well as for Easter Sunday. 
The Lent Activity Cards come out of a passion of mine to cultivate traditions leading up to Easter Sunday. Our family goes over the top at Christmas, but a few years ago, I realized that we do very little to focus on the most important holiday of our faith: Resurrection Sunday! 
I love how versatile these cards are for families with kids of any age. If you have little ones, the memorable activities for kids each week are a hands-on way to get talking about Jesus. If you have teenagers (who are over such activities), stick to the conversation questions to engage their hearts and minds in this lead up to Easter time.

Do you want to go deeper this Easter season? My forty-day Easter devotional will take you through the book of Luke with Jesus. Each day includes scripture, reflection, prayer, and a journaling question and space to write. Along with Jesus: An Easter Devotional by Maggie Greenway. The book is available here in the shop and on Amazon as well. 
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