"Sea of Galilee" Israel Original Watercolor Painting

She Pens Truth

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This soothing original watercolor takes in the sunset over the Sea of Galilee in Israel. The soft oranges and golds of the setting sun contrast with the calming purples and grays in the clouds and reflecting water. I like to imagine Jesus and the disciples climbing into a boat after a long day and setting out right here along the Capernaum shoreline. 

The dreamy golden and pink light falling on the water will bring a relaxing ambiance wherever you place this 5x7" painting. 

My prayer is that when you see it in your home, it would remind you that even Jesus soaked in the glory of the setting sun and the peaceful lapping of the lake waves. 

Add this stunning lake painting to your spring and Easter decor this year. 

A signed original by Maggie Greenway. 5x7" painting on cold-press watercolor paper. It will arrive to you carefully wrapped in a cellophane protective bag with a cardboard backing.