Print, This is the Day

She Pens Truth

This print came from one of my handlettering pieces for our Rejoice Word Study on Instagram. It measures 5x7" and is on thick card stock Free Shipping!! Here is the devotional, first published on Instagram on May 21: This has always felt like a happy morning verse to me, one my parents would say as they came into our bedrooms in the morning to wake us up. It wasn't until today that I have understood that this verse is much more than a happy alarm clock. Psalm 118 was written as a song to thank God for delivering his people from danger. "In my anguish, I cried to the Lord and he answered by setting me free." (118:5). Historically theologians have three different ideas of the context. This could be 1 an Israelite king thanking God after a tense battle. 2. the people of Israel remembering God's deliverance from Egypt or 3. the dedication of the second temple after their return from exile in Babylon. The people called out to God in anguish and he delivered them. "THIS is the day the LORD has made" seems to refer to the celebration day of freedom. God delivered them and created this day of rejoicing. He set them free and therefore they rejoice. What do you need to be delivered from today? What has God already delivered you from so that THIS day you can rejoice in the freedom he ushers you into? God has delivered me from the lie of perfectionism that was eating away at my health and marriage in our early years. My worth was solely based on my boss's opinions and a laundry list of expectations I held for myself. Every mistake would result in more work and near abusive self-talk. One summer, along the Boise River, God began delivering me from this bondage. He helped me to understand grace: undeserved favor. I cannot earn his forgiveness but he gives it anyway. He began transforming my understanding of my worth in his eyes--every person has amazingly great worth as his creation. No one has to live up to my list of expectations. I began to really listen to what he says about me as his child in his Word. I still celebrate that Boise Grace. This is the day (of freedom, of grace) that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it!