Reclaimed Wood Sign, "trust"

She Pens Truth

Trust. A lesson I have had to learn over and over in my life. Trusting God when I really want to hang so tightly onto my feeling of control. Trust. Surrender. Release. This one of a kind, hand-lettered sign is a daily reminder to TRUST. This sign is made of reclaimed barn wood that my husband and I found at Seattle's Second Use. I love the idea that this wood has had a long story. It has weathered storms, cracked in the heat, and stood the test of time. After purchasing these boards, we cut them to size and put them through our planer to smooth down the rough outer layers and reveal the beautiful wood underneath. For this piece in particular, I finished the wood with a java stain deepen the color to this brown. Then I did the hand-lettering in semi-gloss latex paint. Size: 10.5 x 3 x .5" Ready to hang or lean on a shelf